Bang It Out

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Raylin Ann came home and nobody was there. She went to the bathroom to get changed. Parker Swayze and her date, Sean, came back to the place already kissing each other. Parker began sucking and fucking his cock right in front of the front door. She stopped when she realized that her roommate’s daughter, Raylin, was staying there temporary. They continued the action in Parker’s bedroom. Raylin went into the living room and sat on the couch. She heard moans coming from the other room, and it turned her on. She spread out on the couch and played with her wet pussy. She sneaked over to the room and began spying on them while masturbating. Parker noticed her and asked her what she was doing. Raylin was embarrassed at first, but Sean asked her to join and soon after, she was sucking his cock while Parker was licking her pussy. They took turns getting their pussies pounded. Parker got that fresh jizz all over her pussy and Raylin licked it up.

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