Valentine Creeper

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Raylin Ann was in her bedroom getting dressed when Brick came by to ask her to be his Valentine’s. He came up to her bedroom window with roses and a box of chocolates and noticed she was just getting out of the shower and naked. She took off her towel and revealed that luscious body. She put on panties and a tiny top and laid in bed as Brick continued to spy on her. Brick snuck in through the window and hid behind the window curtain. Raylin slowly put her hand on her pussy and began to masturbate as Brick was watching. He went to put his zipper down and all the chocolates fell all over the bed. Raylin was startled, but after Brick explained that he was bringing her roses and chocolates, she was flattered and put her hand on his cock. She pulled out his dick and sucked and fucked it. She got her pussy drilled and got that fresh jizz all over her pretty face. Suddenly, her dad was knocking on her bedroom door, and Brick quickly escaped through the window…

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